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Redlands Water & Power Auction

Redlands Water & Power Company

Annual Auction of Water Shares

Wednesday, December 9th, 2020 at 10 am

At Redlands Water & Power Parking Lot

2216 S Broadway


                       Power Canal       2 shares

                       1st Lift               13 shares

                       3rd Lift             1 share

Shares will be
auctioned one at a time. In addition to the auction price, each stock
certificate created will have a certificate fee of $50.00.

Public Auction of Forfeited Shares

Redlands Water & Power Company, on December 9th, 2020 at 10 am, at the Company Office parking lot at 2216 South Broadway in Grand Junction, Colorado will sell at Public Auction to the highest bidder the forfeited shares of the Capital Stock.

On Tuesday morning, December 8th, 2020, we will post the number of shares available and the location of the available shares.

Tree’s & Limbs Blocking Roadways

The last storm that came through the valley last week caused many trees to fall. The fallen trees have caused issues with our Ditch Riders being able to access the canals. We appreciate everyone who has already removed their fallen trees from the canal roads. If you have trees or limbs that are obstructing the canal roads, please clear them as soon as possible. Please remember that the canals and ditches are no place for yard waste, such as tree limbs.
Thank you and have a wonderful day,
Redlands Water & Power Company.

Power outage affects 2nd Lift water

We experienced a power outage this morning, September 22, 2020, at approximately 3:45 a.m., taking the system down. The water was restored within two hours. The water levels should be reinstated by 3 – 4 pm today, if not sooner.

Christina Carter

Water & Power Company

2020 Water Out Date

Redlands Water & Power Company has determined that Wednesday, October 7th, 2020 will be our “Water Out” date for this season. We will be removing water from the Power Canal on the same date to begin work at the Power Plant and the Main Pumpline Replacement Project.

As a reminder, we recommend that you shut off pumps and timers as well as winterize pipes and sprinklers before temperatures freeze. It is also good to cover water inlets after water is out to prevent debris and critters from plugging your lateral or water system.

The Manager and team at Redlands Water & Power Company thank you for your support and understanding during this past water season. We will be busy this winter constructing, repairing, and updating the waterways, pumping stations, and power plant to prepare for the 2021 Irrigation season in April.

Water Restored

Update on water outage:

Thursday, 07/30/2020

Update on water outage:

Repairs were completed on the generator and we started putting water into the main lift, and stub at approximately 1 pm Thursday, July 30th and will continue throughout the day.

We will continue to pump
small amounts of water through the evening on the 1st lift due to
the amount of time it takes to get to the end of the first.  

We cannot fill the ditches
completely with darkness approaching due to possible flooding issues but we
will begin adding more water; as much as possible; to the system again at 5 am
on Friday Morning.

We should be able to have full water in all of the lifts by approximately 5 pm on Friday, July 31st.

Thank you for your patience
and understanding,

Redlands Water & Power

July 28th, 2020

Please keep in mind that we cannot give you an exact date as to when the water will be back in the canals, that being said:

We have the
parts at a local shop getting them repaired. The parts needed to be fabricated which
is very time consuming.

When we
receive the parts we will put the generator together and start restoring water
as soon as we can.

We are hoping to have the water
restored by late Friday

We realize how
frustrating this has been for everyone, please know that we are doing all we
can to get the water restored as soon as possible.

appreciate your patience and understanding with this very unfortunate

Water & Power Co  

The generator at the main pump house went down at 4:30 a.m. Monday, July 27, 2020. We will have no water in the canals until the generator is fixed, which means that you will be without water for a few days. We will notify you as we receive more information.

Low Water Levels

According to the Bureau of Reclamation of July 8th, 2020, “There is a drought rule in the Aspinall Unit Operations EIS which has changed the baseflow target at the Whitewater gauge. The rule states that during Dry or Moderately Dry years, when the content of Blue Mesa Reservoir drops below 600,000 AF the baseflow target is reduced from 1050 cfs to 900 cfs. Therefore, the baseflow target for July and August will now be 900 cfs.”
Due to the water levels being lowered in the Gunnison River you can anticipate low water levels today and possibly through the rest of the season.

Unplanned Water Outage

We experienced a power outage which completely shut down ALL of our pumps.

You may experience LOW to NO water until later this evening.

apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and are working to get water
flowing again as soon as possible.

you for understanding,

Water & Power Company

HG 126.0 Repairs are completed

The repairs on Head Gate 126.0 have been completed.

Head Gate 126.0 is off for repairs to the culvert under the road. CDOT had completed the repairs but apparently what was done did not fix the issues. They have subcontracted with a cement company to complete the repairs and have estimated the head gate to be back on sometime Saturday, June 20th, 2020. The concrete will need to cure for 2 days which is why the head gate will be off until sometime Saturday.

Stub Lift Repairs Completed 05/20/20 Water has been restored

The Stub Lift is being shut off this morning for repairs. We are anticipating the repairs to last most of the day, with hopes that we will be able to turn water back on late this afternoon. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will be working as quickly as we can to get the water restored as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. *****Update:

The Stub Lift repair has been completed. We started putting water back into the canal about half an hour ago (4 P.M.). It will take some time for the water to reach the end. Again, thank you for your patience.

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