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03/27/14 Update

We will be testing our pumps 04/07/14 and 04/08/14.  There will be temporary intermittent periods of water in the ditches for those days.  We have already closed some of the larger headgates.  If you are concerned please let us know and we will close your headgate.

The irrigation start up date is scheduled for April 14, 2014.

We have been vacuuming and cleaning ditches and burning tumbleweeds in preparation for the 2014 irrigation season.



03/20/14 Update

The irrigation season will be here soon!  Our water comes directly from the Gunnison River and is not filtered in any way.  Many things can influence the amount of dirt and debris in the water such as spring runoff, rain storms, fires, etc.  A sudden storm in the mountains can affect the water in a very short time and the water can go from clean to dirty in no time at all.  One good thing about the dirty water is it keeps the moss/algae down.

03/13/14 Update

Per Erik Knight with the Bureau of Reclamation, as of March 6th – The March 1st runoff forecast for Blue Mesa Reservoir projects 850,000 af of inflow between April and July which is 126% of average.  This represents a 35,000 af increase from the February 15th forecast. 

Considering the wet conditions and increasing forecast, releases at Crystal Reservoir will be increased by 200 cfs on Friday morning, March 7th.  This will bring releases and river flows up to 600 cfs.  Then releases will be increased another 200 cfs on Monday morning, March 10th which will bring river flows up to 800 cfs.

On Monday, March 17th releases at Crystal will be reduced to 300 cfs for the day to accommodate an inspection of the stilling basin below Crystal dam.  Flows in the Gunnison River through the Black Canyon will begin to drop to 300 cfs on Sunday before returning back to 800 cfs by Tuesday, March 18th.

This is information we use to gauge the irrigation season.

03/06/14 Update

This week we have been rebuilding a 500 ft. long section of dirt ditch.  It is a First Lift ditch located in the Lime Kiln area.  The ditch banks are unstable in this area and keep falling into the ditch.  We had to remove several dozen Russian Olive trees and we are replacing the soft sandy soil with a firmer clay filled material.

02/27/14 Update

The scheduled date to begin putting water into the irrigation ditches is tentatively set for Monday, April 14, 2014.  This date is subject to change due to weather conditions.  We are unable to start the water if there is severe wind causing debris in the ditches which can result in flooding.  We are also unable to start the water in heavy rain which makes the ditch roads impassable.

We will be testing pumps approximately April 1, 2014.  There will be temporary intermittent periods of water in the ditches for a couple of days.

02/20/14 Update

We are busy getting the pumps ready for the upcoming irrigation season.

As soon as the ditch roads are dry enough (hopefully next week) we will be replacing pipe, replacing and repairing headgates, concrete repair, etc—busy times ahead.

02/13/14 Update

Thanks to everyone that attended the Annual Meeting on Tuesday.  We had a very good turnout.  We appreciate all your comments, questions and suggestions.  The voting results are as follows: 2813 votes in favor of the assessment increase and 975 votes against the increase.  The increase passed and the 2014 assessment is set at $145.00 per share.  We will be sending out Assessment statements next week.  The assessment is due 05/01/14.

02/06/14 Update

Thank you to all of you that have sent in your proxies.  We have met the required quorum to conduct business at the Annual Meeting.  If you have not voted there is still time and we would appreciate your support.

The Annual Meeting is Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 7:00 p.m. at the Redlands Community Center, 2463 Broadway.  We look forward to seeing you there.

01/30/14 Update

We have been working on tree and brush removal.  We also replaced a rusted out culvert on the Dam Road.  One of the pumps being repaired at this time has been in service for Redlands Water and Power Company  98 years.

Did you know—Low river levels affect Redlands Water and Power Company’s ability to generate electricity which directly affects the ability to pump water.  (Just a bit of information about the operation of Redlands Water and Power Company)

01/23/14 Update

Thank you to everyone that has returned the voted proxies – It is appreciated!

We have been working on tree removal and pump station efficiency improvements.

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