Shareholder Info & Bulletin Board

01/23/14 Update

Thank you to everyone that has returned the voted proxies – It is appreciated!

We have been working on tree removal and pump station efficiency improvements.

01/16/14 Update

Redlands Water and Power Company needs your support!  We need you to vote your proxy.  We need you to mail your SIGNED proyx today.  We need the increased assessment to replenish our reserves.  We need the increased assessment to avoid rotation/water rationing.  We need the increased assessment to continue to provide consistent water distribution as in our 108 year history.

01/09/14 Update

We are still working on ice jams on the Power Canal.  The ice is at least a foot thick.  In December, even with the ice issues, we managed to generate $18,700.00 in revenue from Xcel.

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